HMS Stakeholder Supporters
Highly Migratory Species (HMS) Vessel Permit Holders


Here is a list of 136 Commercial Fishing Vessels, and their States in the US, who demand a "BAN" on high seas driftnets! These vessels hold permits for fishing sustainable fishing methods. This method is known as the "Pole &Troll" fishery for "Highly Migratory Species" (HMS).

HMS Permit Holder Petition to BAN High Seas Driftnets

      Ocean Joy sustainable tuna boat          

   These vessels use barb-less hooks and have virtually "O" by-catch in their fishery. They, and other fisheries, are directly effected by "High Seas" Driftnets.This "Existing Fishery" has been depleted on the high seas. All vessel owners have signed a petition, addressed to US congress & the United Nations demanding a Ban on High Seas drift net fishing.

  We, at OceanFAD, commend these vessel owners for coming forward to help eliminate this devastating & highly destructive fishery, known as "The Wall of Death", from our oceans. Our "Highly Migratory Species" must be allowed to migrate!

                                  Fishing Vessels from California                                                     

  "Boccie Boy"               "Melissa JO"               "Longfin"                 "Sandra D"          

    "Flora M"                     "Sea Spirit"                 "Yellow Fin"                "Mary C"   

  "Tuna Kahoona"         "Monique"                   "Flying Fin"                "Janice R"

   "Resolution"               "Flash"                   "Captain Banjo"        "Aleutian Storm"       

   "Judy Kay"                  "Top Cat"                     "Char-Millee"              "Happy Jack"

  "Katheryne Ann"        "Raptor"                       "Isabella T"                 "Breece II" 

   "Julia Marie"               "West Coast"               "Rogue"                     "Tracy Cheri II"

   "Blue Dolphin"           "Moonlane"                 "Avispa"                       "Bruno"

   "Scimitar"                   "Side Winder"              "Willanina"                 "Miss Jessie"

   "Monika II"                   "Della C"                     "Neahkahnie"              "Maria H"

   "Anonymous"             "Bragg-N"                 "Ocean Joy"                 "Wet & Wild"

    "Two Fishers"            "Royal Dawn"           "Billy Marie II"              "Elusive"


                                        Fishing Vessels from Oregon                                       

    "New Dawn"           "Ocean Lady "M"           "Cold Track"              "Ester"

    "Seawind"               "Dawn Treader"             "Deacon"                 "Way To Go II"

    "Pisces"                   "Amy Lyn"                     "San Pablo"              "Nancy Kay"

    "Quest"                     "Kelly J"                         "Joyce"                     "Lancing"

    "Peso II"                     "Ida B"                         "Milly K II"                  "Tuna Time"

    "Aurora Maid"            "Sea Star"                "Turning Point"              "Piky"

    "Osprey"                  "Delta Dawn"                "Anana K"                 "Misty Dawn"

    "Cheri Lynn"            "Sunbeam"               "Adventuress"             "Expediter III"

    "Pacific Star"           "Rogue Star"               "Patricia"                    "Alliance"

    "Harbor Master"          "Zephyr"                "Patricia Ann"                "Kelli J"  

    "Double Eagle"          "Legacy II"              "Metta Marie"                "Sundad"

     "Sundance"             "New Hope"               "Cinda S"                   "Anonymous"

       "Hustler"                  " Alliance"                  "Judy S"                 "Robin Ann"

    "Anonymous"            "Anonymous"    


                    Fishing Vessels from the state of  Washington                              

     "Memories"            "Theron"                   "Bambi"                "Kathleen K"

       "Titan"                   "Dos Ninas"             "Tuff Boat"           "Native Daughter"

    "Tenacious"           "Michael Lisa"          "Spring Skier"        "Mandingo"

    "Harvest Queen"        "Hustler"               "Favorita"                "Emily Jean"

    "Miss Laura"            "Ethel May"             "Nordby"                    "Ballad"

    "Candace M"             "Monarch"             "Tombo"                  "Betty H"  



                         Fishing Vessels from   Alaska                                                    

      "Teasha"               "Trask"  


                     Fishing Vessels from  Hawaii                                                    

     "Four C's"              "Day Star" 


                      Fishing vessel from  Idaho                                                             

       "Cookie Jar"


                    Fishing Vessel from  American Samoa                                           

     "Miss Angie"


     A very special thanks to all the vessels for their generous donations!

  We couldn't have gone this far without them!