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Ocean FAD progress and efforts to promote sustainable Albacore Tuna fishing as benefits to a BAN on IUU driftnets

Boycott major US Albacore Tuna brands, such as:

 Chicken of the Sea, Starkist, & Bumble Bee Tuna. 


5 Dec 2017    WCPFC 14

Report of suspected IUU driftnet fleet in the North Pacific, 2017.

4 Nov 2017    2017 North Pacific Albacore Troll Season

OFAD registers with Global Fishing Watch Detects Asian fleet "off shore".

 2017 has been one of the worst seasons ever. Ocean Joy caught 50 tons for the year. A normal season would be 100 tons. Our production has been declining for the past 6 years fishing on the Westcoast.

This was the 1st year that any amount of fishing effort had been done, west of 150W, for a decade. Water conditions were more favorable “off shore”, as were the Albacore fish stocks, but not healthy enough to hold up to more than 6 boats.

Ocean Joy noticed that the fish caught in the 150W – 163W area had a large % of driftnet marked school fish. The fish observed close to the coast had very few, if not any, driftnet scratched fish. Being that the farther west we fished, the more scratched fish we caught, leads me to believe that the IUU driftnet fishery has not stopped and more damaged stocks are to come from further west.

OFAD hopes to voice our concern to the WCPFC meeting in December.

4 Nov 2016    2016 North Pacific Albacore Troll Season

2016 was a poor year for production by the Troll (jig) boats. Not a lot of fish showed up on the coast. No fish was found outside 100 miles from the coast, let alone outside the EEZ. There must be a place somewhere off shore where the school fish got stopped. Conditions are diminishing on the coast. We will be keeping a close eye out on the water conditions off shore for next year. On a positive note, this marks the second year that little to no driftnet markings have been noticed by us aboard Ocean Joy

7 Apr 2016    Sea Shepherd Concludes Operation Driftnet

Steve Irwin crewmember, Erica, holds a common dolphin, which was retrieved dead in the illegal net. Photo: Eliza Muirhead

The 6 illegal fishing vessels of the Fu Yuan Yu fleet are now in China and the final investigation into their fisheries crimes is now in the hands of the Chinese authorities. Over the last 3 months, Sea Shepherd has provided the authorities with undeniable proof of this fleet’s engagement in illegal fishing with their operations violating 11 different International regulations and Chinese law.



(CNN)A U.S. Navy aircraft carrier strike group is operating in the South China Sea, with the Chinese Navy apparently keeping close watch. 



The island nation has mounted an aggressive response to illegal fishing in their waters.
How they protect themselves may help the rest of the world save all of the oceans. 



While urging calm from both sides, media outlets also said the US was "harassing China" and that Beijing is "not frightened to fight a war". 



 OFAD is pleased to report that we had a “Clean Season” this 2015. There were NO scratches, or marks made by IUU high seas drift net vessels. This marks the 1st season since the year 2000. Somebody flipped the switch!!

From the sustainable Albacore Troll fleet & all OFAD members, much gratitude & thanks!

We are pleasantly surprised & ecstatic with JOY.


For 110 days and across two seas and three oceans, Sea Shepherd vessels and crews stalked a
fugitive fishing ship considered the world’s most notorious poacher. 

1 Jul 2015    Start of 2015 Albacore season

F/v Ocean Joy left the coast of Washington to start the 2015 Albacore troll season.

17 May 2015    Albacore as "Speceis at risk"

 In order to help the Presidential IUU Task Force better understand what species are the most "at risk" of illegal fishing, there was a notice in the public registry open to public comment. Normally this sort of thing happens while I am out fishing, and goes without comments from Albacore fishermen, or STAKEHOLDERS. Luckily, I got a chance to enter a comment before setting out to sea.

Species "at risk": Albacore Tuna

9 Apr 2015    500+ Slave fishermen Rescued


15 Mar 2015    Presidential Task Force Continued

 Today, the Presidential Task Force on Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing and Seafood Fraud, co-chaired by the Departments of Commerce and State, released its action plan.  This plan articulates the aggressive steps that federal agencies will take both domestically and internationally to implement the recommendations the Task Force made in December 2014.   

27 Feb 2015    NOAA report on IUU fishing 2015

 IUU fishing and seafood fraud undermine international efforts to sustainably manage and rebuild fisheries, and creates unfair market competition for fishermen playing by the rules, like those in the United States. 

 "Protecting our country's reputation as a leader in sustainable fishing is at the heart of the President's efforts to combat illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing and seafood fraud around the world," said Kathryn Sullivan, Ph.D., under secretary of commerce for oceans and atmosphere, and NOAA administrator, during remarks she made at the SeaWeb Seafood Summit in New Orleans. "As one of the largest importers of seafood in the world, the United States has a global responsibility and economic duty to ensure that the fish we import is caught sustainably and legally. Tackling this challenge will require sustained collaboration between industry, conservation groups, and government." 

20 Oct 2014    High IUU driftnet detection 2014


The West Coast Albacore Troll & Pole fisheries’ resources have been under attack by Illegal, Unreported & Unregulated (IUU) driftnet vessels for decades. Over 10 years ago, when these MSC deemed sustainably sound fisheries were healthy and flourishing, Off-Shore Albacore Troll vessels would site these IUU driftnet vessels by the dozens. Many of these IUU fishing vessels were Chinese, or Taiwanese and targeting the same Albacore Tuna that migrate across the Pacific. During this time, Troll vessels would note that scratches would appear on the tuna to indicate they passed threw a driftnet, or fell out of the wasteful web. It became common knowledge that when the tuna barred scratches or scares, driftnets were not far to the west. Today, there is no “Off-Shore” Albacore Troll fishery left, for lack of production, to report IUU driftnet vessel sightings. Yet, as the only production of Troll caught albacore creeps closer & closer to the west coast, scratched up albacore tuna continue to be caught and show as hard evidence that the IUU driftnet vessels still persist.

31 Jul 2014    Presidential Task Force

 Departments of State and Commerce Co-Chair Presidential Task Force on Combating Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing and Seafood Fraud 

6 Jun 2014    U.S. Coast Guard Seizes Chinese IUU Driftnet Vessel

Chinese IUU driftnet vessl

4 Nov 2013    driftnet scarred albacore 2013

IUU driftnet marked albacore with driftnet attached  

Scarred and Scratched Albacore on the Coast Again! 

16 Mar 2013    Pacific Fisheries Management Council, 2013

A big turnout for public comment took place at the Pacific Fisheries Management Council in Tacoma, Washington last week.

Some 35,000 + 4,500 + concerned citizens from all over requesting a halt to California's driftnet fishery for swordfish.

Another hot topic was the US - Canadian albacore treaty. Many concerned US fishermen attended in protest.

28 Dec 2012    Ocean FAD attends WCPFC9 held in Manila, Philippines, 2012



 New Ocean FAD member, Jasmin Stockett - Environmental Liaison, along with American Albacore Troll fishermen Dylan & John Harder represented OFAD at the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission meeting in Manila, as Super typhoon Pablo loomed close by.
20 Nov 2012    NOAA, NMFS claim NO US “Pole and Line” vessels target North Pacific Albacore Tuna.

Shocking figures, on the North Pacific Albacore Catch and Effort Data, are entered and deleted at the Northern Committee’s Eighth Regular Session in Nagasaki, Japan 3-6 September 2012.

If NO Pole and Line vessels target North Pacific Albacore in the US, then who are these guys?

9 Nov 2012    US Coast Guard Bust IUU driftnet fishing vessel, then sets it Free.

US Coast Guard Cutter "Rush" escorts stateless IUU Albacore driftnet fishing vessel, "Da Cheng", to be handed over to Chinese authorities.


19 Oct 2012    Ocean FAD’s IUU Driftnet fishing detection - Albacore Trip #2, 2012


After a long and trying 1st trip, detecting as high as 30-40 % of all Albacore Tuna caught baring IUU driftnet scratches, Albacore Fishing Vessel “Ocean Joy” sets out from Newport, Oregon for trip # 2.
Captain's log entered by John Harder
22 Sep 2012    IUU Driftnet fishing detection returns in 2012


2012 was full of hardships, and heartbreaks for OFAD and the Sustainable Albacore Tuna Troll Fishery.
Captain’s Log book from F/V OCEAN JOY submitted by Cptn. John Harder reveals crime, from Illegal driftnet fishing, against our oceans and our own fishermen continue, yet the US State Dep. and NOAA continue to turn a blind eye.
We are “Dead in the Water”!
12 Jul 2012    OFAD Meeting with the Mermaids: say NO to "Chicken of the Sea"

   The best tuna is NOT "Chicken of the Sea"

15 Jun 2012    F/V “Ocean Joy” receives freezer upgrades


Replacing old brine system with blast system in the fish hold, with Refrigerated Sea Water (RSW) fish tubs added on deck.
29 Mar 2012    OFAD revisits Guam, WCPFC8


Report made by OFAD president, John Harder, US “High Seas” Albacore Tuna Troll Fisherman. Eye witness to IUU drift net fishing activity for the past 33 years.
                                IUU Driftnet vessel
9 Feb 2012    Canada - US Albacore Treaty

Request to end CAN-US Albacore Treaty "Too many Boats, Not enough Fish"

WCPFC8 to be held on Guam in March.

15 Jan 2012    Peaceful Protest against IUU Driftnet Fishing

        Banner requesting to BAN IUU Driftnets

Ocean FAD uses MSC certified Sustainable Albacore Tuna Troller "Ocean Joy" to alert & educate the public about the ongoing IUU drift net fishing activity. Requesting for a BAN on driftnets.

30 Dec 2011    OFAD Year End Report

Without any outside contrabutions, OFAD remains in the red.

24 Nov 2011    WCPFC8, Palau, postponed

Pacific Island Nations grow concerned over South Pacific Albacore.

16 Nov 2011    OFAD revised request to WCPFC8

OceanFAD revised it's submission the WCPFC’s 8th regular session (WCPFC8) in Koror, Palau on Dec 5th – 9th of 2011

As requested by the Commission.

7 Nov 2011    Final "Ocean Joy" Albacore Trip of 2011

 OFAD's last observed Sustainable Albacore Tuna trip using the "Troll" method of fishing. Observations focused on "0" by catch, and No discards. Best of all, No driftnet marked tuna landed this trip. Notes of discrimination between "gear types" 

14 Oct 2011    NOAA, NMFS fail to recognize "Code of Conduct"

OFAD report from the Northern Committee, and Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission-TCC7 show NOAA & NMFS fail to recognize the UN "Code of Conduct.

9 Oct 2011    OceanFAD attending WCPFC8

Captain John-boy happy to regain Ocean Joy from Captain Gary Waldon. In hopes to sail ASAP!!

OFAD registared to attend WCPFC’s 8th regular session (WCPFC8) in Koror, Palau on Dec 5th – 9th of 2011 

OceanFAD Submitted OFAD’s request for Amendments  to the WCPFC8 

30 Sep 2011    Coast Guard catches Driftnet vessel

 Coast Guard, NOAA nab drift net violator 2,600 miles offshore 

29 Sep 2011    "Ocean Joy" Catches on Fire

Albacore Tuna Troller Ocean Joy has stack fire heading for Eureka California. Saved by crewmembers. 

27 Sep 2011    OceanFAD report to WCPFC-TCC7

 High Seas Driftnet Moratorium has been abused 

Pohnpei, Micronesia 

20 Sep 2011    OFAD Report on Northern Committee Seventh Regular Session

OceanFAD ventured over to Sapporo, Japan to 1st say sorry for your suffering & wish you well .

Also to have the honor to Observe Northern Committee's Seventh Regular Session 

1 Sep 2011    Albacore Tuna Stock Assessment 2011

OceanFAD observed Albacore Tuna Stocks aboard F/V OCEAN JOY as being not healthy. Coastal Albacore Tuna production down 50% in 2011.

Captain/President John Harder is to attend Northern Committee's Seventh Regional Session in Sapporo Japan.

27 Jul 2011    1st Albacore Tuna Trip, 2011

 Captain John-boy's 1st Albacore Tuna Trip aboard f/v "Ocean Joy" 2011. Just barely afloat.

23 Jun 2011    Sustainable tuna trolling

John-boy will be leaving for the warm northwest water current carrying the highly migratory albacore tuna. He hopes to catch his share of albacore and find fewer fish damaged by driftnets.

31 May 2011    Ocean FAD Party

Captain John Harder gives an awarness report on the ongoing pirate IUU driftnet fishing going on around the world. 


22 Apr 2011    OFAD Fundraiser announcment

Announcing OFAD's Dinner & Dance Fundraiser in Monterey Bay

19 Apr 2011    Tuna Conference in Seychelles

 Pres. John Harder pecented his report of the Tuna Conference in Seychelles.

23 Mar 2011    US vows to address IUU fishing

 Article explaining how NOAA intends to "tighten up enforcement": US vows to address IUU fishing

Invitation to Seychelles 2nd annual Tuna Conference titled: "Taking Stock" in the Indian Ocean.

25 Feb 2011    Logging In

OceanFAD updates ongoing information on web site 

26 Jan 2011    IUU Tuna vessel in Taiwan

News from Greenpeace international of an Illegal, Unreported and Unidentified (IUU) freezer ship. http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/news/features/rainbow-warrior-action-taiwan/ 

20 Jan 2011    First Motion Forward 2011

Attention was given to Species of Concern (SOC)

European Tuna Conference coming up

Overfishing Symposium - AFS 2011     to be held in September

Funds received

30 Dec 2010    Treasury report for 2010

Treasury report was given.

Happy New Year!

24 Dec 2010    Report to the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) 2010

OceanFAD report on IUU "High Seas" driftnet fishing activity, hand delivered to the WCPFC in Hawaii, 2010.

Happy Holidays to all Ocean friends.

27 Nov 2010    Giving Thanks

OceanFAD is grateful for the grace of God and the guidance of "Joy".

OceanFAD most grateful for support from sustainable tuna stakeholders.

OceanFAD thankful for the opportunity to observe this years Albacore Tuna Season.

OceanFAD to attend WCPFC meeting in Hawaii next month.

21 Oct 2010    Final Voyage 2010 Coastal Detection

Final OceanFAD voyage indicates drift net marked fish 60 miles off Eureka, CA.

27 Sep 2010    Third Voyage 2010 Observed Migration

Third voyage, observed by OceanFAD, shows how heavily drift net marked Albacore Tuna migrates towards the West Coast.

27 Aug 2010    Second Voyage 2010- 20% marked fish!

Report made on second voyage 2010. Most drift net scratched Albacore Tuna seen in years.

27 Jul 2010    First Voyage 2010 "NET" Marked Tuna

First voyage observed for 2010. "Drift net" marked fish every day.

25 Jun 2010    Observer/Fishing Vessel "Ocean Joy" ready to sail

OceanFAD observer/fishing vessel "Ocean Joy" ready for the Albacore Tuna season.

7 May 2010    Obama, Ratify "Law of the Sea"

OceanFAD banner asking President Obama to ratify the "Law of the Sea" posted in San Diego.

22 Apr 2010    Salmon Management Measures

President John Harder writes to support sustainable Salmon Troll fishery.

15 Mar 2010    The Pacific Fisheries Managment Council

OceanFAD letter to The Pacific Fisheries Management Council, 2010

28 Feb 2010    No Catch Limits to NMFS

OceanFAD presents questions and comments at National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) meeting in La Jolla, CA.

15 Jan 2010    Vessel name change

OceanFAD observer vessel renamed "Ocean Joy".

OceanFAD to attend NMFS meetings in La Jolla, CA. next month.

29 Dec 2009    Ending entery 2009

Restoration project underway.

Seychelles Tuna Convention missed.

Budget report.

28 Nov 2009    Vessel Restoration

f/v "Katheryn Ann" to start undergoing repairs in Monterey Bay, CA.

31 Oct 2009    2nd Voyage 2009

Observed voyage # 2 on board f/v "Katheryn Ann" reconfirms more drift net "scratched" Albacore Tuna caught off the West Coast.

1 Oct 2009    Shake Down

1st Albacore Tuna fishing trip observed on board f/v "Katheryn Ann". This report indicates sign of drift net marked Tuna fish inside both US & Canadian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

29 Aug 2009    OceanFAD Research Vessel

f/v "Katheryn Ann" (AKA "Ocean Joy") is to be OFAD research vessel for Albacore Tuna fishing off the West Coast.

OFAD has received tax exempt 501 (c)(3) status from IRS.

12 Jul 2009    OFAD annual meeting

Annual meeting recognized.

President Obama still unwilling to Ratify "LAW OF THE SEA"

OceanFAD may have a vessel...

22 Jun 2009    Course Change

From Fundraising & Representation, to Survey/Fishing Vessel

20 May 2009    Making Contacts

Contacts were made to pass on OceanFAD's intentions and asking for support.

All noted, but only www.care2.com came back with voluntary support. Thank You Care2!

28 Apr 2009    Europian Tuna Conference

Report made by john-boy, on the European Tuna Conference 2009, in Brussels.

26 Mar 2009    Blue Vision Summit

Blue Vision Summit Report; Letter to Congressman Farr in DC.

3 Mar 2009    OceanFAD joins fishlink

OceanFAD going to Blue Vision Summit in DC.

Letter to President Obama posted & sent.

"Thank You" Letter to MSC stakeholders(fishermen) posted & sent.   in DC;ObamO a

26 Feb 2009    Letter to US President Obama

Letter to US President Obama to be drafted, approved, & sent.

 Requesting follow-up from Sam Farr.

USCG reports not conclusive, little to no action taken.

20 Feb 2009    www.oceanfad.org has started

Our own web site has opened www.oceanfad.org 

"Thank you" letters to HMS stakeholders to be sent.

OceanFAD hires Thomas Wrobel to assist in grant writing.

OceanFAD to attend European Tuna Conference in Brussels on 27th of April.

Still waiting on federal approval on non profit status.

30 Dec 2008    Last of 2008

Warm response from HMS stakeholders.

100+ petitions signed.

Happy New Year!

20 Nov 2008    Letters to HMS stakeholders

Letters to HMS permit stakeholders sent out asking for support

Request for meeting with Senator Barbra Boxer approved.

29 Oct 2008    Congressman Farr meeting

We overwhelmed our congressman Sam Farr & aid Alic. We left them much to think about.

17 Oct 2008    Activity Program

Attention given to program activities program & budgets.

Request for letters to Stakeholders approved.

Sam Farr letter approved.

 Petition for "World wide" BAN on high seas driftnets posted on web www.sustainabletuna.com

13 Oct 2008    "Monterey Bay Walk"

"Monterey Walk" was productive in response, but no donations. 150+ petitions were signed.

6 Oct 2008    Congressman Sam Farr

Sam Farr meeting approved; "Monterey Bay Walk" scheduled for 10th.

New bank account.

 OceanFAD flyer done. 

20 Sep 2008    OceanFAD Lobbing

Prepare & sign form 5768 for lobbying; adopt Logo.

Proceed with opening Bank Account.

Share petition on web site www.sustainabletuna.com

 Collaborate with Greenpeace.

 Set up meeting with Congressman Sam Farr.

15 Sep 2008    EIN #

EIN # assigned by IRS

13 Sep 2008    Proposed Activities

Posted final draft of Programs and Activities.

Getting ready for our 1st fundraser.

Making logo & letters to Highly Migratory Spieces (HMS) stakeholders (fishermen).

11 Sep 2008    Board of Directors

1st meeting was held. Articles of Incorporation adopted.

Bylaws adopted, and unanimous written consent was signed & certified by secretary.

Recorded in the minute book.

Meeting adjourned.

8 Sep 2008    Non Profit Attorney

Got help & hired Thomas Wrobel to help get non profit started

6 Sep 2008    The Pickle Jar

Start making extra effort for the sake of our future generations, & preservation of Ocean Life 



Boycott major US Albacore Tuna brands, such as:

 Chicken of the Sea, Starkist, & Bumble Bee Tuna.