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save for our future generations
6 Sep 2008

   After viewing an amazing story about "The Pickle Jar", I got inspired to start doing things again. It was like a "wake-up" call that I was on the right track, but don't stop! It is important to keep saving, even in hard times, for the benefit of our children & future generations to come. 

   I realize that I must strive for Public awareness in "drift net" activity undergoing on the "High Seas". "High Seas" is a term used for International Waters. This includes all waters outside of 200 miles from any nation, or outside of any States EEZ...

   International Waters "High Seas" are governed by the United Nations, and enforced by all Nations that ratify the "Law of the Sea". United States dose not ratify such treaty, but still tries to enforce it... or do they?

John Harder