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1st board meeting
11 Sep 2008

   A meeting was called to order at Christy Herring's home in Monterey County.

   Present at the meeting were: John Harder, Bud Harder, Christy Herring, Herring Family & friends.

   Topic of the meeting: Form a non profit- Ocean Friends Against Driftnets.(OceanFAD)

   Meeting came to order. Articles of Incorporation were discussed. A mission Statement was also discussed, and unanimously agreed on. A motion to adopt was made, second was made, & all were in favor. Mission Statement (purpose) was adopted.

  It was agreed  that John Harder was to be appointed acting agent for this organization.

   Thomas Wrobel, sole incorporator, appointed board of directors as:

President: John Harder

Secretary: Christy Herring

Vice President: Bud(William) Harder

Zizi Gibbs, non- active

Gavan WcCray, non- active

Thomas Wrobel resines all duties as incorporator.

  Next topic of the meeting was "Bylaws" of OceanFAD.

Board members discussed articles 1-12 in our bylaws. Changes were made and agreed to.

Bylaws were signed in by Secretary, Chisty Herring, certified in the minutes book.

   A Unanimous Written Consent of the Board of Directors was signed by all acting board members.

   John Harder was to apply to IRS for EIN #

Meeting was adjourned

John Harder