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13 Sep 2008

Ocean Friends Against Driftnets (OceanFAD)  proposed plan of activities that later had been completed & adopted as final draft. Program Activities posted at the bottom.

Board of Directors agreed to build a web site for organization. John was to ad a page on his web site: www.sustainabletuna.com for the time being. web site would include information to the public including a donate page for credit cards.

Work on charity event "Monterey Bay Walk" was passed. Petitions for the public & fishermen were drafted to hand out and to be signed.

   Letters to fishermen holding Highly Migratory Species(HMS) permits were drafted. To be continued at a later date.

   Bud,(& wife Tina) Christy & John together came up with LOGO suggestions for organization. This was to be used on letter heads, T-shirts, and cards.



EIN: 26-3322712

Narrative Description of Organization's Programs and Activities

Part I: Our Purpose/Mission Statement

OCEAN FRIENDS AGAINST DRIFTNETS (OceanFAD) was formed to alert and educate the general public and policy makers about the destruction from ongoing international driftnet activities. Our goal is to teach and establish sustainable fishing methods internationally and promote the benefits of world-wide BAN on drift nets.

Part II: Program Activities

We at Ocean Friends Against Drift nets (OceanFAD) were led to form this corporation to help save the ocean life. The oceans are getting depleted. We will begin operations as soon as we obtain our status as an organization. We have a three to five-year plan to be fully operational, but we hope to be represented and be able to assist in litigation as soon as possible. Specifically, Ocean Friends Against Driftnets (OceanFAD) provides strong evidence that high seas driftnets still exist and our aim is to stop them. Activities will be carried on by the members and all who want to be involved. Although all individuals involved at the moment are volunteers, we hope to pay a staff and outside agencies for carrying on activities as needed, ie, designing our website ($500), maintaining the website ( $250- $1,000), leasing facilities for fundraising, hiring a caterer for fundraising functions, accounting, secretarial, boat crew, etc. Qualifications may vary acordingly.This organization serves all those that love or are nourished by the Ocean, as well as and especially the Ocean itself. We intend to promote our cause via the internet, public radio, word-of-mouth, television. We intend to make this issue known to public television with the  intention of being featured on PBS's Frontline. Most of our meetings in getting started are held at Christy Herring's residence. We expect to procure a mailbox in Monterey for correspondence. We intend to meet once a month, with an annual meeting for general membership. Meetings typically include minutes of previous meeting, reports of ongoing projects and changes to current plans if needed, motions to move forward, and tea and cookies.

The programs that we intend to implement are as follows. We will:

1. Educate the general public. policy makers and the fishing community about the problem. Project: Driftnet Unveiling ( public awareness projects)

This project is intended to alert the public of what is currently happening with driftnets and their activities from the time of proposed UN moratorium on driftnets (1987) to the present time (2008).

   OceanFAD intends to build a website, link to other organizations that share our concern and have common interests. Such organizations include WWF, Greenpeace, Defenders of Wildlife, Oceana, Humane Society, Sea Sheppard's, etc.

OceanFAD would participate in discussions with the public at meetings, help encourage other organizations to get involved and act to alert the public. OceanFAD will hire Public relations person, marketing agent, to promote our cause. This person would also need to document reports and keep writing about issues coming up & ongoing, OceanFAD activities and participatton in events as well as a  newsletter, if not the same as above mentioned.

Start and Maintain a Website

   Open and accessible to anyone interested, the website will be linked to other websites such as www.sustainabletuna.com , The World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace international, EarthTrust, etc. The website will be designed by a joint effort of John Harder, Christy Herring and we will request the services of web designer Tyler Hampton. Approx. 20% of the organization's time will be spent on this initially, then approx. 15% on an ongoing basis.

Maintain an e-Newsletter with Updates

   Christy or web designer Tyler will most likely be the ones to maintain an updated e-newsletter at this time. Approx. 10% of the organization's time will be spent on this. Website will be designed to send updates to e-mailing list when updates become available.

International Trolling School project

We at OceanFAD understand that we cannot take away something without giving something in return. We want to eliminate the nets but not the fishermen. Please believe us when we say "We, at OceanFAD, want to call everyone in the world "FRIENDS!" Please, we do not condemn any nation or man because of driftnets. We simply want to show others a better way. This method of fishing has been passed down for generations and has proven, over time and time again, that it works!

   We will strive to contact all nations, and parties interested in this sustainable, viable fishery. Especially countries involved in driftnets, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Russia (Georgia), Indonesia, You are all welcome! OceanFAD will set up meetings to conduct seminars appropriately. After assessing interest in fishing nations, OceanFAD will conduct a 3-5 day seminar to assist getting fishing vessels prepared for the fishery. We will then return to inspect fishing vessels and gear before sailing. As we are at sea, we hope to go ship to ship & help with hands on training between crews of our reaserch vessel. There will be a big need for interpreters during all this schooling, but we can cross that bridge when we get to it.

   All interested countries will be responsible for the costs of the seminar facilities, fishing associations (if any), fishing vessels and setting up markets, unloading. OceanFAD

will provide the teachers. Interested countres will provide travel expenses, accommodations for the teachers. We only hope and pray you are as excited about this as we are.

   After conducting classes in the Pacific North West Reign, OceanFAD would like to expand world - wide to areas most likely to succeed in this fishery. Areas such as Westem Australia; Chile; Argentina; South Africa, and European Union. We extend open arms to any nation interested in this Albacore Trolling fishery both inside and outside of the EEZ's.

2. Follow up on Prosecution of driftnet ban Offenders

   Hire an attorney familiar with international Law. challenge violations in a world court if possible, see if the photos from the driftnet sightings in October 2005 can be obtained. Approx. 9% of the organization's time will be spent on this activity.

3. Monitoring, Surveying, and Collecting scientific data for promoting and teaching sustainable fishing methods - Survevy Vessel/s Projects 

   Because of High Seas Driftnet fishing, the ocean's marine life has suffered great losses. Since the fish & marine life landings (catch documents) and effects of the marine wildlife are "off the record", or not made public, OceanFAD sees the dire need to evaluate the state of the Ocean. In particular, the North & South Pacific in likely areas that driftnet activity takes place. OceanFAD is also concerned for the "existing fishery", Highly Migratory Species (HMS), in particular, that has been eliminated by the driftnets. Since driftnets are a non selective fishery, it is safe to say that if tuna is endangered, so are the rest of the marine life that dwell in the same waters, such as sharks, turtles, whales, squid, etc.

   OFAD will set out to out-fit a research/fishing vessel that can be used to collect scientific data, do biological studies, and teach the sustainable fishing method of trolling to interested countries, and or parties. Our hopes are to build a small international trolling fleet both in the North & South Pacific. This vessel will work closely with participating country government agencies and interested parties to help enforce a Ban on driftnets, by reporting any driftnet activities & encouraging sustainable tuna fishing. OceanFAD would like to expand this project to 3 to 5 vessels in the end, as 1 is not safe on the High Seas. Safety in numbers and we suggest 3-5 vessels to operate properly. Fishing practices will be evaluated to prove viability. This survey vessel will make 2 four month trips per year spending 8- 10 months a year at sea. OceanFAD hopes to provide the vessel, Captain, engineer, and 1 deck hand. There would be accommodations for 1 biologist, 2 fishing students and 1 journalist/ photographer. An estimated 7 men on board.

   The organization will hire/purchase a high seas research vessel for the purpose of collecting scientific data on the ocean; analyzing/ assessing fish and ocean life stocks; teach and educate people in the ways of sustainable fishing methods. Approx. 20%  to be spent on this activity once funds become available.

Monitoring fishing grounds

   We will actively monitor popular high seas fishing areas for driftnet activity, reporting any and all violations. Once the organization has started and funding is obtained, at least 25% will be taken up on this program.

Ongoing Observation program

   This program will enable 3-5 survey vessels to operate during each year. This program is to help assist fishing fleets to work together and further scientific studies of the ocean environment.

4. Association ( and organization) Representation

   To have and maintain representation in ongoing meetings such as the Central and Western Pacific Fisheries Council (CWPFC), and other promotional, informational and diplomatic meetings with regard to driftnets and the need to have them banned. John Harder will most likely be the representative at such meetings, and will spend approx. 10% of the organization's time will be sent on this activity.

5. Fundraising - see fundraising Strategy

   Approximately 15% of the organization's time will be spent on fundraising in conjunction with our public awareness campaigns.

We at OFAD understand that there is a lot of work involved to accomplish our goals. We also know it is a lot of money to do all this too. But to save our Ocean Environment before it is too late is priceless and well worth itl We just hope that there are enough of you out there that feel the same.

            One Ocean, One World, One Love