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guidlines to lobbing for 501(c)(3)
20 Sep 2008

Board of directors came to order to discuss guidelines on lobbing for OceanFAD. As not to conflict with non profit status, It was agreed by the board to have President sign form 5768- Organization to make expenditures to influence Legislation. This would allow up to 50% of funds, or activities to be spent on influencing legislation. As this will be a touchy(sensitive) situation in our organization, we must continue to watch this closely in the future.

   Christy Herring produced a final draft of our OceanFAD Logo. Board passed logo with flying colors. Logo is ready.

  Board talked about,motioned, opening Bank Account with EIN #. It was later second & passed.

   Web site building reported, still in the making. John motioned that OceanFAD could share his petition on his web site. This was second, & passed.

   Letters to the fishermen & flyers to the public were reported still in the making & to be continued.

   Further talk, by the board, on contacting other environmental groups, such as Greenpeace, Oceana, and others to introduce ourselves threw forums, etc. This was accepted, and passed.

   A board discussion on having a meeting with congressman Sam Farr was started. Comments were made.

It was later motioned to request a meeting with Sam Farr. This was second, & adopted.

  Meeting was adjourned. 

                                                                                      Dear Congressman Sam Farr,

      I, John Harder, am formally requesting a meeting with you to discuss the banning of high seas driftnets in congress.

   I spoke to you during the Christmas holidays last December. You were referred to me by my mother, Joy Ostrander, whom you probably remember. She speaks highly of you. You assured me you would look into this matter, but I have not heard from you since.

   I feel that my rights, to fish on the open ocean in a sustainable fashion, have been violated. I also feel that the ocean is and has been violated, and will continue to be violated unless we do something to change the law.

   I have started a non-profit organization called Ocean Friends against Driftnets to push for a worldwide BAN, not moratorium, on driftnets. As it stands, the President of the United States has all the power to implement sanctions on violating countries & that, to me, is not right. It will never happen with our current President. That leaves too much power in our President’s hands, and not the people.

   I was told by a lawyer on the United States delegation during the last Western and Central Fisheries Commission meeting on Guam last December that we need to get something passed through congress before something could be done. So that is why I am urgently requesting your help in this matter.

   I have also started a petition, posted on the internet (thepetitionsite.com) to ban high seas driftnets worldwide. I would like to know if it looks ok to you and how many signatures would it take for you to help do something.

   I will include a copy of the petition, along with my reports of driftnet sightings, etc to our meeting.

   Please Congressman Farr, our ocean is dying and nobody knows the intensity of the situation.

           Sincerely, John Harder

                           (Commercial fisherman; founder of Ocean Friends against Driftnets)  Phone # (831) 320-2805    address: P.O. Box 2463, Monterey, Ca. 93942                    



John Harder