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scheduled meeting
6 Oct 2008

A meeting with Congressman, Sam Farr, was scheduled for Oct. 22,08 by his office in Salinas. John is to draft letter, with attachments, to present, after the approval of the Board, showing the proof of existing Illegal "High Seas" driftnet activity. We have 2 weeks.

   John motioned to the board to have "Monterey Bay Walk" on Oct. 10th & 18th. Both being Sat., we would have a chance to help with the "Beach Cleanup" on the 10th. Our flyers & public petitions for a "World-wide" Ban on high seas driftnets were at final stages, ready for approval. It was discussed, by the board, that a banner be made using our new logo & the words "BAN DRIFTNETS". a second was made & all was passed

   A new Bank Account was entered at Pacific Valley Bank, under the name Ocean Friends Against Driftnets.

Donation made by Bud Harder of 1,000.00 to open account. The Board thanks Bud(William)

A report to the board, from John, that the web site was still underway & to be continued.

All agreed to Adjourn.




        Ocean Friends Against Driftnets (OFAD)


If you think that high seas driftnets were banned from our oceans, think again!Driftnets continue to be one of the biggest killers of our ocean life, threatening the existence of Sperm Whales, Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Sea Birds, Sharks, and pelagic fish.


  • Migratory species cannot migrate through the “walls of death”.
  • Only the taking of Salmon (Anadromous species) is banned on the high seas, leaving the rest of our ocean’s life under a moratorium which creates a giant loophole for them to fall into.
  • Driftnets continue to devastate our ocean life while the public stays in the dark and uninformed of these happenings.
  • Ocean Friends Against Driftnets is an up and coming non-profit organization formed to put an end to the damage caused by illegal practice of driftnet fishing. OFAD was founded by lovers of the sea and ocean life, combined with sustainable fishermen who are directly affected by driftnets. They know, first-hand, the drastic conditions of the ocean life on the high seas.

Our ocean life is dying and is in desperate need of our help and support!


OFAD, with your help, proposes to:


  • Send out signed petitions to the President of the United States, United States Congress, and the United Nations to “BAN” high seas driftnets world-wide.
  • Humbly request the public to only buy sustainable seafood as deemed by the MSC (blue) label, or use the “Seafood Watch” guide from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Try to avoid buying name brand canned tuna from abroad.


Help support OFAD in their projects to:

  1. Challenge and prosecute offenders - known driftnet boats (IUU vessels) in a world court of law and bring these killers to justice (there is no law without enforcement).
  2. Obtain & maintain 1-3 vessels for monitoring, observation, and research on the high seas especially in likely areas known for driftnet activity. In hopes that these vessels will aid and assist in the apprehension of future offenders.


 So, if you are a friend of the oceans, sea-lover, or just a kind heart that would like to help our oceans and the life that is in Her, please sign the petition to “BAN” high-seas driftnets world-wide. Please speak up and pass the word!


   Our oceans thank you dearly!  

      To sign on line, go to:http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/world-wide-ban-on-high-seas-driftnets

      For more info. On driftnet destruction, go to: http://www.sustainabletuna.com