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Program & budget work
17 Oct 2008

A Directors Board meeting was called to order to discuss a more defined activity program & budget. After a lengthy discussion, a motion to gather information from attorney, Thomas Wrobel, and work threw Christy was Motion made, second and passed

  Report from "Bay walk" was given & some concern regarding lack of donations was stated. Petitions were to be collected & presented at Congressman Farr meeting. 

   Report on the web building, from John, made:The response to: www.sustainabletuna.com has been good. As John-boy changed his site to a informational web site only, not to conflict with interest. The only connecting links to www.sustainabletuna.com are intended for the best interest of the public, upholding the law, & the Ocean Environment. As building OceanFAD web site continues, John has made contacts from other Non Government Organizations(NGO) such as Oceana, Greenpeace, etc. This has been encouraging, but time consuming for John. Lastly, our Petition site is up and running with www.Care2.com. John hears of other organizations interested in our cause. To be continued.

  A motion was made to request donations from stakeholders holding Highly Migratory Species(HMS) permits. To also request petition signatures from such stakeholders. The motion was second & passed. John was to get mailing addresses from National Marine Fisheries Service(NMFS) ASAP. Letter & petitions to be drafted, then brought to the board for approval at later date.

   A final copy of letter to Congressman Sam Farr, with attachments of John's fishing reports to the WCPFC on Guam 07, &  Ponepei 05. Also included attachments US Code of Collection 1826. It was discussed that these were clearly violations of the law & not to be as "lobbing" to influence change, but to "uphold" the law as stated. A motion to approve the letter was made. It was second & passed.

Moved to Adjourn accepted


          Petition to: BAN high seas driftnets world wide


    To: The President of the United States; 
             The United States Congress; 
             The United Nations. 


   We, the people of the United States and the World,understood it to be that high seas driftnets were banned from the international waters of our Oceans. We did not understand it to be that only the taking of Anadromous fish, such as Salmon, was banned, while other species of fish, such as Tuna, Squid, Swordfish, along with incidental catch, or by-catch, were still being permitted.

   We, the people, did not know that driftnets are still killing our ocean mammals, such as Sperm Whales, Dolphins, Sea Turtles, along with many types of sea birds, not to mention many species that may be considered endangered.

   We, the people, urgently request a World Wide BAN, not a moratorium, on high seas driftnets.

    We ask that previous offenders be brought to justice and pay dearly for their crime. A strong fine, restitution, or compensation should be paid for the loss of our Ocean Life that has been severely damaged. Any offenders, in the future, should be dealt with severely and strongly encouraged to adopt sustainable fishing methods.

   We, the people,demand that more stringent methods of enforcement, observation, and research be made on our Oceans to prevent high seas driftnets from recurring again. 
   The ocean thanks you!



Ocean Friends Against Driftnets 

John Harder