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web site up & running
20 Feb 2009

The board of directors came to order. Notice was given on new web site: www.oceanfad.org is now running & able to take donations on line via Credit Card. The board agrees that the site is very basic & needs work, but is functional for the time being. OceanFAD's web builder, John, mentioned that correspondence over the internet has been good. There has been invites to various other NGO networks and remarks from environmental organizations as to who may be interested in helping OceanFAD in our cause. John, reported doing follow up on Oceana, Ocean conservancy, as well as Greenpeace international. After hearing John's internet report, the board moved to continue public relations on the web. There was a second & passed.

Discussions on stakeholder(HMS) donations & support was opened. A motion to send a "Thank you" letter was made, second & passed.

Board opened talks of hiring a grant writer. Looking up grants on-line was proposed also. As time was limited, board moved to hire Thomas Wrobel for grant writing for a retainer of $1,000. This was second & passed.

It was brought to the attention of the board, about a invite to the European Tuna Conference to be held in Brussels on April 27, 2009. The main topic was to be Sustainable fishing & reports on IUU fishing on the ocean. After discussions, the board moved to send John- president, to the meeting. This was second & then passed.

A report, from the secretary, was given on the records & obligations of a non profit. Christy was waiting to hear back from Thomas Wrobel, attorney, of our status. Apparently, we, OceanFAD had not heard back from IRS & that or statice was still pending. This was to be continued after further information.

As there was no new news, motion to Adjourn was second & accepted.

John Harder