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20 May 2009


  Board came to order for reports, from John, on contacts made during the past month. John made contact with earthjustice.org in regards to violations in 2005, 2006. OceanFAD recieved a letter back referring on other possible contacts.
 Contact was made with USCG  Juneau, Alaska and AAFA requesting any records, or pictures, regarding the IUU high seas driftnet reports made in 2005, 2006. Letters were answered, but no new data was given. It was as if support was for keeping these sightings "Off the record". To be continued.
   There was a request from www.care2.com , the petition site, to give our petition a little nudge. We answered "yes please"! We received around 1,000 signed petitions in a short time. This was outstanding. We hope this will continue.
   Letter were sent out to National Marine Fisheries Service to inform them that we now hold 121 petitions from fishermen (stakeholders) requesting a Ban on high seas driftnets. It was noted.

John Harder