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lack of recources & jobless
22 Jun 2009

   As the board gathered together, we realized that OFAD was going to have a course change. We have received no funding during our fundraising campaigns thus far. John was struggling with job problems and Bud & Christy also had little time to offer what was needed for such an organization. OceanFAD has major needs!

   As the board discussed a course forward, two options seemed clear. To have a fundraiser dinner, or get aboard a vessel to start schooling/observer/assement programs that are at Sea. In the past, our "Monterey Bay Walk" gave us no return, but our letters to the fishermen brought in some support. A motion was made to find a boat, it was second and approved. John was to search for a boat to lease to make ready for 2009 report on Albacore stock assesments.

   As the board realized that the resources had been exhausted, they came to realize how much was done with so little thus far. 

   The meeting was motioned & adjourned

John Harder