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OFAD(OceanFAD) had little to say
12 Jul 2009

Board of directors came together for our 1st annual meeting. We made note of the date & reflected with all the other fellow Ocean Friends out around the world. Today was our special day.

   We then reflected on the fact that our US President Obama still has not ratified the "Law of the Sea". This is not good news for Whales, Sharks, Turtles, or Dolphins. This is not good for ending Illegal(IUU) fishing, or saving the Ocean's natural resources, or US Sustainable Tuna Fishermen working in international waters.

   This means that the US NAVY will not be out on the high seas to protect us, US fishermen, rather we continue to get incomplete reports, and unsuccessful attempts, repeatedly made by the USCG & NOAA.

   Meanwhile, Pirate fishing & IUU driftnet fishing continue around the world.

   On a more possative note, John has a potential research/fishing vessel in consideration. To be continued.

John Harder