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research vessel "Kathryn Ann" aka "Ocean Joy" is found
29 Aug 2009

John Harder has reported to the board of OceanFAD that a observer/fishing vessel has been located. John has entered into agreement to lease the High Seas(off-shore) Albacore Tuna Troller "Katheryn Ann". Being that OceanFAD has no resources of their own to pay for such lease, John Harder has agreed to waive all costs of vessel, wages for captain, engineer, crew, and sustainable fishing educator/teacher.

As agreed upon by the board and  entered into Ocean Friends's by laws, John Harder has agreed to donate his  High Seas Albacore Tuna Troller Vessel for the organization to use. This act would eliminate any "conflict of interest".

John Harder and vessel crew are entitled to all proceeds of such vessel, & OceanFAD was to receive no debt from such vessel.

The sole purpose of this vessel for OceanFAD is to assess albacore tuna stocks, observe if any driftnet activity is a apparent. Secondly, is to teach sustainable tuna trolling methods.

John Harder has reported to the board that the vessel will be ready to depart in 2 weeks time. The board was pleased.

Board was informed by the IRS that OFAD (OceanFAD) has received its tax exempt status under section 501 (c) (3) as a Public Charity. 

John Harder