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f/v "Katheryn Ann" is renamed "Ocean Joy"
15 Jan 2010

OFAD (OceanFAD) board members came together whishing everyone a "Happy New Year"!

Board of directors heard updates from president John Harder.

It was announced that f/v "Katheryn Ann" has been renamed "Ocean Joy".

f/v "Ocean Joy" continued reconstruction in the sunny port of San Diego, California.



OceanFAD board discussed further, options to move forward in their cause. As the option arouse to attend a Seychelles (Indian Ocean Island) Tuna Conference, and taking into consideration, it is OceanFAD's goal to help encourage sustainable fishing methods internationally. There is also a need to educate the public and officials, such as NMFS & NOAA,  of the concern from the stakeholders in the sustainable tuna industry already in place here in the US. The mention of drift net activity coming from documented fish reports given to NMFS from sustainable Albacore Tuna vessels were not being passed on to NOAA, or the US state department, or the United Nations.

This is a EXISTING FISHERY that is not being protected and this should be known.

OceanFAD had decided to work on the home front here in California, USA before trying to encourage other nations abroad. After all, California state still allows drift nets to be used for swordfish which is a Highly Migratory Species. This sends a mixed message to the rest of the world, as many countries look up to California and USA for guidance. "If they can drift net fish, so can we!" California may not realize many countries do not have strong enforcement in their fisheries, let alone a government in place such as Africa, Philippines, or Indonesia, or China.

A motion was made to the board to attend meetings with NMFS & NOAA to find out why conserns of IUU high seas drift nets from sustainable "Pole & Troll" tuna fisheries were not brought forward in reports to Secretary of State. The motion was second & passed.

It was agreed upon, by the board, that president John Harder is to attend NMFS open meeting in La Jolla, CA. The main topic being a request made by WCPFC as to what measures USA had in place in order to reduce catch effort on Albacore Tuna. OceanFAD found this question puzzling knowing that USA had a sustainable tuna fishery in place and has been on the decline for the past 7 years. The WCPFC must not know this fact and should be advised. To be continued.

John Harder