Ocean FAD Articles > First Voyage 2010 "NET" Marked Tuna

From San Deigo, CA - to Westport, WA
27 Jul 2010

OceanFAD board of directors heard report made by Captain John Harder on the first observed fishing voyage of 2010.

Fishing Log Entry as Followed:

06/26/10 Vessel sailed out of San Diego Harbor, heading for Oregon coast. Four men on board. One student for teaching sustainable tuna fishing.

06/30 Vessel engaged in fishing off the coast of Oregon. Position 43.50n x 126.32w

84 Albacore Tuna were kept on board. Average size 15 lb's. 6 Tuna noted to be marked by drift nets.


Note: It is not easy to take pictures in the middle of fishing operations. Including 09' observations, vessel has gone threw three digital cameras that failed because of damp conditions. Vessel is also undermanned to observe every Tuna that comes aboard. Observer only took pictures once or twice a day as it was redundant.

07/01 Vessel in the area of 44.00w x 126.15w with fair fishing conditions.

229 Albacore Tuna kept aboard, 12 reported drift net "scratched" Tuna.


07/02 Vessel Migrating slowly to the North at 44.18n x 126.10w, now off the coast of Oregon.

89 Albacore Tuna taken, 3 Tuna noted with drift net marks.


07/03 Vessel still edging North 44.40n x 126.23w with poor fishing.

41 Albacore Tuna kept, 1 Tuna noticed to have drift net marks.


07/04 Vessel in the area of 45.00n x 126.23w.

126 Albacore Tuna Caught, 3 Tuna observed having drift net markings.


07/05 Vessel remained in same area.

60 Albacore taken on board, 2 Tuna with noticeable drift net scratches.


07/06 Vessel in same area. Average size remains 15 lb's per fish.

117 Albacore taken, 8 Tuna observed with drift net scratches.


07/07 Vessel in same area.

311 Albacore Tuna taken, over 12 Tuna observed to have drift net marks.


07/08 Vessel moved North off the coast of Washington 46.00n x 126.00w

59 Albacore taken, 2 Tuna noticed with distinct drift net marks.


07/09 Vessel in same area

205 Albacore Tuna landed, 7 noticed to having drift net marks.


07/10 Vessel in same area 

359 Albacore Tuna taken aboard, 12+ Tuna noticed to having drift net scratches.


07/11 Vessel at 46.00n x 126.00w

198 Albacore Tuna landed, 3 Tuna with drift net marks.


07/12 Vessel in same location.

113 Albacore taken aboard, 2 observerd Tuna having net scratches.


07/13-18 Vessel remained in same area.

Vessel averaged 200 Albacore Tuna landed per day, with average of 4 drift net scratched Tuna per day.


07/19-25 Vessel remained in area 45.00n x 127.00w

Averaged 200 Albacore Tuna per day, Averaged 7 drift net scared Tuna per day.

Note: Even the smaller fish averaging 12 lbs had light drift net scratches on their sides.

07/26 Heading for Westport, WA. for unloading and end of first voyage.

07/28 Unloaded 63,000 lbs of Albacore Tuna. Send log (daily fishing report) to NMFS.

Make ready for next voyage.

Captain John-boy