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f/v "Ocean Joy" going off shore (High Seas)
27 Aug 2010

Captain John Harder(JB) gave report to OceanFAD board of directors on the second voyage of f/v "Ocean Joy".

John reported having crew change and departed Westport with three men on board. One Captain/Observer/Educator and two crew. Only one crew believed to be experienced at sea.

John noted calling National Marine Fisheries (NMFS) for an observer to join the vessel, but the notice was too short.

John-boy made mention to NMFS of the outcome of the first voyage observing drift net market fish inside our Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Also noted that pictures were attached with "log book" report.

Captain John Harder explained to the board that detect ions of Illegal Unreported and Unidentified (IUU) high seas drift net activity is nothing new, and has been going on for the past ten years.

John reported meeting up with this IUU drift net fleet across the Pacific Ocean near Japan in 2002.

John Harder has been reporting drift net activity as far back as 1981, before the United Nations' ruling to BAN drift nets.  

Captain JB made it clear to the board that there was two "gear types" targeting Albacore Tuna at that point, and now there is only one. The only profitable place for sustainable tuna fishing is close to the west coast. Now our coastal Albacore Tuna bare the signs of drift nets.

Captain John-boy further expresses the devastation that violates the ocean. As dead whales are spotted, dolphins cowering like whipped dogs, and killer whales flying out of the Ocean to get someone's attention, the ocean is left turned up side down. "Like walking through a battle field on the day after".

"High Seas" voyage 2010 on sustainable Albacore Tuna vessel "Ocean Joy"

07/30/10 Vessel cleared out of Westport, WA. and heading West for outside US EEZ. Reports of favorable fishing and ocean conditions some 800 miles off the west coast was heard.

26 Albacore Tuna landed on board, 0 drift net markings noticed.

08/01-4 Vessel heading West at 47.00n x 128.40w traveling speed, 6 knots

0 Albacore Tuna taken, 0 Tuna observed

08/05 Vessel heading West at 47.50n x 142.25w encountered first sign of fishing activity. Average weight per Tuna 13 lbs. Observed a major increase in detected drift net scratched Albacore Tuna. 1 out of 7 Tuna had drift net markings.

280 Albacore Tuna landed, 25 observed with drift net marks


 08/06 Vessel heading West at 47.30n x 143.30w with fair weather conditions.

177 Albacore Tuna kept on board, 23 Tuna noted to have "scratches" from drift nets.

08/07 Vessel at 47.30n x 144.40w encountered good fishing conditions.

420 Albacore Tuna kept onboard, 50+ Tuna noted with drift net scratches. Too many to get accurate count as crew needed educating.   One net marked Tuna is too many!

08/08 Vessel in the same area.

218 Albacore Tuna caught, 33 Tuna observed to have scratches.


08/09 Vessel in the same area, sustainable Tuna Trolling was being conducted.

398 Albacore Tuna taken, 50+ Tuna bearing marks made by high seas drift nets

08/10 Vessel in the same area.

349 Albacore were taken, 50+ tuna noted to be scratched. Average size remained 13 lbs per fish.

08/11-21 Vessel remained in the same area of 47.30n x 144.30w with favorable Fishing conditions.

Average daily catch was 350 Albacore Tuna, observed over 50  drift net marked Tuna every day.

08/22 Vessel migrating East towards shore at 47.30n x 143.30w. Vessel ending voyage

126 Albacore Tuna taken, 16 drift net marked Tuna Noted.


 08/23-26 Vessel heading East for Westport, WA. at 46.50n x 126.00w.

0 fishing effort, 0 Tuna observed.

08/27 Vessel unloaded 97,000 lbs of sustainable Albacore Tuna. Submit log information

Make ready for next voyage.



Captain John Harder