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Migrating pattern shows change
27 Sep 2010

OceanFAD board of directors heard a report by captain John Harder, on the third observed voyage aboard the vessel "Ocean Joy".

Report as followed:

08/30/10 Vessel departed Westport, WA. heading West for high seas, international waters. Three men on board. One teacher for sustainable tuna trolling, and two unexperienced students for crew.

09/01-2 Vessel traveling East at 47.25n x 136.00 making fast speed.

60 Albacore Tuna taken, 0 Tuna noted with scratches.

09/03 Vessel encountered good fishing at 47.25n x 139.15w. Average wait per Tuna 13 lbs.

437 Albacore Tuna taken on board, 4 noticed to be marked by drift net.

Note: This was NOT the same school we fished on during the previous voyage. Grade size was slightly smaller and noticeable difference detected in the appearance of the Albacore Tuna. Less scuffed up and almost clean.

 09/04-09 Vessel remained in the same area experiencing fair fishing conditions.

Averaging 300 Albacore Tuna landed per day, averaging 4 drift net marked Tuna per day.

Note: The fleet of sustainable tuna "pole" vessels, fishing inside the US EEZ, reported a noticeable increase in the amount of drift net marked Tuna taken on their vessels. This was a clear indication that the Tuna that was "off-shore" had migrated into the East, and a new body of Tuna had moved in to our location.

After alerting the west coast tuna fleet, more fishermen (stakeholders) are aware how to detect high seas drift net markings on Albacore Tuna taken. Many were surprised at the amount noted if observed closely. Many captains mentioned they would make note in their "Log Book" of the situation.


 09/10-12 Vessel remained in the area of 47.30n x 139.30w conducting sustainable tuna trolling.

Average Albacore Tuna taken 200 per day, average 6 drift net marked Tuna observed  per day.

09/13-18 Vessel moved Southwest to new location of 46.10n x 144.50w. Average size of Tuna 15 lbs.

Average daily catch 160 Albacore Tuna, average 3-4 noted drift net marked Tuna per day.

09/19 Vessel moving East as fishing slowed down 46.00n x 40.50

36 Albacore Tuna kept, 0 Tuna noticed for drift net markings.

09/20-22 Vessel traveled East to 44.50n x 129.00w to engage in fair fishing.

488 Albacore Tuna caught, 11 drift net scratched Tuna were observed.


   09/23-25 Vessel remained in same area

Average catch 250 Albacore Tuna per day, average of 7 drift net marked Tuna observed per day.

09/26 Vessel heading East for Westport, WA. Heavy weather conditions approaching.

09/27 Vessel unloaded 65,000 lbs of sustainable Albacore Tuna. Submitted report.

Made ready for next voyage.

Captain John Harder