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We have much to be thankful for.
27 Nov 2010


It was observed, by the board of directors as they came together, that OceanFAD had much to be thankful for.

OceanFAD was grateful for having the opportunity to observe fishing voyages aboard f/v "Ocean Joy".

Also grateful for being guided by the grace of God, and mermaid "Joy", in our safe return from the Sea.

OceanFAD was thankful that all four observed fishing voyages being successes in detecting high seas driftnet activity. Observations were made in both US coastal waters, and the high seas, on Albacore Tuna fishing grounds.

OceanFAD was glad to educate six students in the method of sustainable tuna "Troll" fishing. Three, of which students, went on to gain jobs as experienced crew members for other fishing vessels.

OceaFAD was most grateful for the support coming from the sustainable tuna fleet which included fishing vessels coming from both Canada and the US. Note was made among stakeholders to, again, include driftnet activity in their daily catch documentation (fishing "log book").

More awareness had been established among stakeholders resulting in a growing concern for the sustainability of North Pacific Albacore Tuna stocks.

It was further noted to the board, that the Western and Central Pacific Tuna Commission (WCPFC) was having their meeting the next month of December in Hawaii, USA.

A motion was made for OceanFAD to attend WCPFC meeting, submitting a summery of the 2010 high seas driftnet activity observation with pictures of driftnet marked Albacore Tuna as proof.

As second was heard & vote passed to attend meeting in Hawaii. It was decided that president- John Harder would write a summery report, after approved by the board, submit to WCPFC before attending meeting in December. John is to report to the board upon his return.

Motion was made to adjourn the meeting

Second was made and all agreed

John Harder