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Changing of the Tide
20 Jan 2011

The first OceanFAD board of directors meeting for 2011 came to order with new information.

Report by president John Harder was made regarding announcements, via e-mail, from various agencies.

Marine Fish Conservation Network, Bruce Stedman, brought to the attention of Species of Concern (SOC).

Being that Albacore Tuna is not among the listed species of concern, this issue will need to be addressed.

John agreed to research this issue more as to what course of action would be necessary for change.

Other news received by Bruce Stedman (MFCN) was Overfishing Symposium - AFS 2011  

As time was short to prepare a paper, A motion was made to enter the title "IUU overfishing Albacore Tuna".

This motion was second and passed. Symposium is set for September 1-4. To be continued.

European Tuna Conference in Brussels invites OceanFAD to attend.

As OceanFAD has attended such meeting, and funding is low, the board agreed not to attend at this point.

Treasury report was given by William Harder. OceanFAD has received a generous donation of $10,000.00

The board was pleased and thanked God for His grace.

It was further noted, in discussions by the board, a new direction of action should be taken.

Monterey Bay, OceanFAD's home, still allows drift nets to fish.

This is highly hypocritical for OceanFAD to ask the World for a BAN on driftnets, if we allow this to happen in our own home state.

OceanFAD board agreed to discuss public awareness campaign for Monterey Bay, Ca. at next meeting. To be continued.

A motion was made to adjourn, a second made & all left with Joy.

John Harder