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West coast albcore tuna has started
23 Jun 2011

Last summer John -Boy made four albacore tuna trips. All four trips had tuna with driftnet marks on the tuna. One trip in particular, had as high as 20% marked up fish from "Off Shore". This sustainably caught albacore was sold threw American Albacore Fishermen's Association (AAFA) that is Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified sustainable and was sold to Europe.He and other trolling fisherman received a great price for their fish .Ten to twenty percent of the fish were damaged by Illegal Unreported, Unidentified (IUU) driftnet vessels. NOAA, AAFA, and OFAD will still be looking to find these vessles and report them to the United Nations.High Sea drift nets are not banned allowing these vessles to continue to plunder and destroy sustainable fishing. AAFA & OFAD,  leaders in sustainable fishing, have helped the West coast fishery recieve a better price than last year as buyers that want sustainably caught fish, grows in demand.

   John-boy has high hopes for "clean fishing", but has his doubts. The past nine years have proven driftnet activity and there is no indication that the devastation from driftnets will stop.

  John-boy, on board "Ocean Joy" will be in port next month with his report. Meenwhile we are waiting for the results of NOAA's Albacore Tuna Stock Assessment due this week. We wonder if the assesment will reflect our poor "Off Shore" catch rates for the past 10 years.

To be continued

Bud Harder