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Announcing OFAD's 1st Annual Dinner and Dancing Fundraiser
22 Apr 2011

 OFAD board of directors came together to discuss further actions. The topic of having a function of some kind to alert the local public of the use of driftnets came up. This was not the first time of mention of an event, but resources were not at hand. Now that OFAD had some existing funds, It was agreed upon that OFAD was to have a presentation regarding the use of driftnets in the world's Oceans. Also, the Idea of a Dinner & Dance with a raffle appealed to all.  

Funds to lease the Moss Landing Yacht Club, order & design 100 T shirts, build banners, and make flyers to post as advertisement were agreeable to the board. 

Mention of requesting Aquarium tickets from Monterey Bay Aquarium was one of the things passed among board members. Having a Sea food buffet was another 

And so it was done. To be continued.. 


John Harder