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Power outages keeps Palau from hoasting WCPFC8
24 Nov 2011


It  has been brought to OFAD's attention, via e-mail threw Vice President Bud (William) Harder, 

Palau is concerned with the power situation and rationing is still occurring and they are now focused on getting the power returned to normal prior to the holiday period. They have not been able to bring any other generators online as they had hoped. Hosting the meeting has the potential to split their effort when they need to concentrate on the power issues at hand. We delay the meeting and decide on a suitable date from say Mid February to early April and have the meeting during that period in Palau, however, noting that this is the peak tourism season for Palau, we will need to ascertain hotel availability and as such we will continue to work with the Government of Palau as we move forward. 

OFAD has recieved e-mail from PITIA concerning Albacore:

Pacific Industry Statement on status of the Southern Albacore

Greetings from the Pacific.

Please find attached a statement on the status of the Southern
Albacore Fishery voicing the concern that the Industry has over the
rapid increase in catches. I make and circulate this statement on
behalf of the Pacific Islands Tuna Industry Association which has a
membership of 14 of the FFA member countries.

I ask that you give due consideration to the issues raised and to take
this with you into your deliberations during the annual general
session early next year.

Aparently, OFAD is not the only ones concerned with overfishing Albacore Tuna.

John Harder