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Reporting on illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing (IUU), NOAA has identified six nations—Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Nigeria, Nicaragua, and Portugal—as engaging in the practice.
27 Feb 2015

The report also highlights U.S. findings and analyses of foreign IUU fishing activities and of bycatch of protected species and shark catch on the high seas where nations do not have a regulatory program comparable to the United States.

IUU activity of the identified nations included violations such as fishing in restricted areas, tuna discards, misreported catch, and improper handling of turtle entanglement. NOAA Fisheries will work with each of the cited nations to address these activities and improve their fisheries management and enforcement practices. If the nation does not take sufficient action and does not receive a positive certification in the next biennial report, the U.S. may prohibit the import of fisheries products from that nation and deny port privileges to their fishing vessels.

The 2013 report identified ten nations—Colombia, Ecuador, Ghana, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Panama, Spain, Tanzania, Venezuela—whose vessels engaged in IUU fishing activities. Over the last two years, the United States worked with these 10 nations and determined that each took appropriate action by adopting new laws and regulations or amending existing ones, sanctioning the offending vessels, improving monitoring and enforcement, or asking for a reexamination of the activities of certain vessels. While all 10 nations took appropriate action to address IUU activity in the 2013 report, three (Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico) have been identified in the 2015 report for new IUU activity.

To the US Congress & President Obama,

I am sorry to say that this report does NOT reflect the concerns of the US sustainable Albacore Troll & Pole STAKEHOLDERS (fisherman).

Why is China not on the list of offending countries? A Chinese vessel was caught last year in June. China has been involved in IUU driftnet fishing in the North Pacific for the past 10 years. This tells me that NOAA, along with NMFS want to continue the churrade & cover up the corruption that takes place at the highest levels such as the Northern Committee & WCPFC. I am sure that it would not take much of an investigation to reveal evidence that Japan & Korea are involved, along with the US state department. After all, our US institutional system eats Albacore Tuna too! Where is it coming from?

This report, and many before it, does no justice to the sustainability of our fishery or our Ocean in which we, the STAKEHOLDERS, are trying to protect. It only acts as a smokescreen to draw attention elsewhere.

John Harder