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Ocean Joy sets off for observing 2015 Albacore Troll fishing
1 Jul 2015

 After doing some winter projects and maintenance to the vessel, Ocean Joy is off and running. We will be conducting Albacore Troll fishing for the summer. This entails a highly sustainable fishing method, using barb less hooks attached to lures that are drug behind the boat at 5-6 knots.We will be looking closely at the Tuna, as they come aboard, for any scratches or markings made by IUU drift nets.

Sadly enough, last year was the highest % of net marked fish we ever saw. This left a soured taste in our mouths and our hopes that illegal driftnet fishing would stop were diminished.

There has been a sign of fish being caught close to shore as a big body of warm water appeared off the Columbia River. This warm water, also known as "El Ninio", has been going on for the past 2 years and has moved all the sea life to the North of normal fishing grounds.

We shall see, and off we go.

Captain John-boy Harder