OCEAN FRIENDS AGAINST DRIFTNETS is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

A Note from John Harder, President

No board members are paid.  They are all volunteer from the beginning until now.

I have paid all of my own expenses to attend various, regular meetings to address this problem about which I am passionate, but my resources are limited and I need help or I will not be able to continue to do what I have been doing on behalf of all of us that live on and from this world.

I don't just represent myself and concerned fishermen that only employ sustainable practices, I represent you, too.

I am a Fisherman, 4th Generation

I am not the best of administrators and have acquired some expert help with this now.  I should have done this long ago, but I have to make a living.

EID: 26-3322712

Due to my failure to report for 3 years in a row (although I still attended meetings and promoted the cause), I had to reinstate the not-for-profit status of OceanFAD, which I did on 04/24/2019.

It may take a month or more for this to be updated on the IRS website, but I have paid the fee to get reinstated and our purpose or structure has not changed, so we will be "legit" again soon.  

Your Donations are Tax Deductible

The reinstatement will be forthcoming as soon as the IRS processes our renewal application.  I can assure you that your donations will be tax deductible if you decide to make a donation this year.

I have completed an application for a new merchant account for Ocean Friends Against Driftnets.  As soon as I get the paperwork back from the IRS I will get it to the merchant provider and we will be able to accept direct donations online.

Donations by Check

Please make your check payable to OCEANFAD and mail to:

27480 Vista Del Toro
Salinas, California 93908